I know what it is like to spend many hours recording and  mixing, thinking you have things sounding good, only until you go out to the car and  can’t believe how bad it sounds. Or you think it sounds good, and then you put on the radio or your favorite CD, and it sounds so amateur.

I am passionate about helping others discover how to make better sounding music! LEARN HOW TO MIX MUSIC LIKE A PRO!

You will discover music production methods that will result in better sounding music. I will teach you the same techniques that lead me to become a better mixer, so you can mix better, faster, and FINISH!


It wasn’t long ago that I was  spending countless hours recording and mixing, thinking things were sounding good, only to realize that when I listened to the mix some place else or at a later time, I realized how bad it was. I was so frustrated. Then I would go back into the studio, and tweak and tweak for many more hours, thinking that if i change this it would be better. Now I realized it was even worse. I wanted to pull my hair out and give up!

Then I discovered a way to create better sounding music! I want to share with you the same methods that made me become a better mixer.

It hasn’t always been easy. I have run into problems not knowing where to start, which button to push, when to push it, and why.

Now I am feeling like I’m on top of the world(hey) turning out better sounding mixes in much less time.


Visit my site at for free tutorials and tips on producing music in the Home Studio. Here are a few to get you started:

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